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Friday, May 10, 2013

Today's report in HINDU on verdict

Verdict on national medical entrance test on July 2

The verdict on petitions challenging the validity of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET), conducted by the Medical Council of India for admissions to MBBS/postgraduate/dental courses, will be pronounced soon after the Supreme Court reopens after summer vacation. On Friday, senior counsel K.K. Venugopal submitted before a three-judge Bench that private colleges which had been permitted to conduct their own entrance examinations be allowed to make admissions in the meantime. But Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir said, “You wait till July 2.”

By an interim order in December last, the court permitted all private colleges/associations to conduct their entrance tests but said they should not declare the results. As per the regulations announced, the MCI conducted the NEET for admissions for 2013-14 even as the case was pending consideration.

In this batch of cases, the MCI said the NEET would avoid multiple tests and minimise corruption and irregularities in admissions. But private unaided colleges, religious and linguistic minorities alleged that the NEET interfered with their autonomy and right to admit students by conducting their own entrance tests without compromising on merit.

Last December, the Supreme Court permitted all private colleges to conduct their entrance tests


  1. One cannot disagree that the entire system in India is corrupt. The only help to the people was the juduciary. The medical college industry is now a billion dollars industry and the judiciary process on neet pg seems to help that industry grow. If one thinks so you cannot blame....


  2. "you wait till 2nd july"...hehehe..what a dope!!... i would love to see the expression on KKV's face when altamash said that...

  3. this is clear bull shit.u wait till july 2.i think they will say to write next year neet also bfore verdict

  4. Why should anyone give validity to supreme court now?They have been postponting this NEET PG to aid private managements from december 13 2012.This confusion is intended to get more people go for PG seats giving millions/crores of rupees for private managements .Corruption at top levels are at an all time high as this supreme court dealings clearly show.It's time this entire system is brought to justice.

  5. What is on july 2? Some God's birthday??
    In reality there is no declaration saying that the verdict will come on july 2. So why are people wasting time by discussing on that? Quit wasting time. You can safely consider that the verdict will NEVER come, in case of which we medicos will have to undertake drastic measures to make it a reality. (once we realize the limits have been crossed))
    There is no dishonor being done here to Supreme Court of India as it is the highest body for us. I will happily wait for the verdict. BUT I CANT DONATE MY ONE YEAR OF LIFE FOR UNCONFIRMED REASONS.
    BUT I can say that we doctors are on any day BETTER than these Law personnel. We don't make our critical patients wait in the queue for 6 months or more for the treatment.