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Friday, January 10, 2014

Students can seek copy, inspect answer sheets under RTI Act

Students can seek copy, inspect answer 

sheets under RTI Act

AHMEDABAD: Results are out and there will be some students who will not be satisfied with their results. Those students can inspect their evaluated answer book under RTI Act, 2005. Supreme Court of India has very specifically ruled out that students can inspect their answer sheet under RTI Act and any by-laws or rules/regulation of Education Board/Examination Board cant prevent them from doing so.

Gujarat Information commission vide its order dated 4th June, 2007 confirmed the same view. But Examination bodies in Gujarat are preventing students from exercising their right to inspect answer book or obtaining a copy of it under by-laws of Examination Body.

Education Board has gone to high court and have obtained stay order against the order of GIC. Meanwhile, Supreme Court has affirmed the right to inspect the answer book in the above mentioned case and has also specifically observed that students can also obtain certified copy of the answer book. Supreme Court of India is the Apex Court of the nation and its judgment has binding effect.

Students can make an application under RTI Act to the Education Body in prescribed form.

Supreme Court of India, in Civil Appeal No 6454/2011, has made it clear that students can inspect their answer sheet under RTI Act. There are few other important aspects which court has observed. Issues in the present case were regarding inspection & re-evaluation of answer sheet as well as providing certified copy of answer sheet. Students can also Contact RTI Helpline on 9924085000.

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  1. ya results is very suspence and highly confidential...... i kindly request you to give the gross score and detail of calculation of score and marks in our session.....